When we decided to reimagine @Bograds, we always knew we would have fine rugs.  Rather than find a tenant or a concession, we decided the time was right for us to sell them directly.  We’ve partnered with the largest importer of hand knotted carpets in the country.  With access to nearly 100,000 s.f. of warehouse space filled with fine traditional and transitional rugs, we are able to meet your design needs.

When you shop for rugs @Bograds you’ll notice a couple of things.  We display our rugs differently from most stores.  We fold many of our rugs to display the face of the rug.  Instead of showing you only the top rug on the pile visible to you, we have hundreds of rugs literally at your fingertips.  Secondly, if you’ve shopped for rugs in other places, you will notice that we price our rugs fairly.  We don’t believe in showing outrageous retail prices to allow for ridiculous and false discounts.

Our family doesn’t have hundreds of years in the rug business, but we are committed to selling rugs with the same reputation for integrity and quality that we have had in the furniture business for over 80 years.  We believe in service.  If you don’t see the rug you want in the store… we’ll find it for you.  If you want to try a rug… we’ll bring it to you.