When we chose to reopen, we were faced with the decision of which manufacturers to represent. We decided to concentrate on privately held companies that produce fine quality products and represent excellent value. If you look at the stories associated with so many of the manufacturers linked to this page, you will see a recurring theme. With some of them we have been doing business for decades, for others we started with them when they were first created. There are others, Maria Yee and Abner Henry for example, with whom our relationship is relatively new but whose product line is truly exceptional. With all of them we can talk face to face with the factory owner.

We are dealing with suppliers from around the world, Italy, China, Vietnam, Japan, and USA. You’ll find everything from solid wood furniture in maple, cherry, oak, or walnut made by the Amish in Ohio to elaborately inlaid marquetry products from northern Italy. We show Mission to Modern, transitional to traditional. We have very simple rules for what we show. Good design, fine finish, excellent quality produced by a factory with integrity and a concern for their employees and the environment.

We are proud to have curated an assortment of product that represents the best in class. We’re sure that a visit will convince you that this is a great place to shop.

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