It was a day late in the High Point Furniture Market in the early 90’s. Cell phones were not yet in vogue and Joe Bograd was looking for a showroom of one of his vendors which had relocated. Trying to find a place where he could find a phone to use, he came upon a tiny showroom that had just been opened by Randy Short. He knew Randy from his previous position and had heard that he planned to come out with a new line of upholstery, so he decided to stop in.

The line was Stanford and that was the beginning of a relationship that continues to this day. The line was tiny, four sofas and only 50 fabrics. The fabrics had been selected by a group of designers who gathered at Randy’s riverside cabin and they were beautiful. It was clear that the direction was positive and that they had assembled a group of people who knew how to design and build fine furniture. So Stanford became part of Bograd’s assemblage of suppliers.

Their products are made in North Carolina and they are made to the highest standards. Fabrics are matched four ways, frames and springing are done as well as possible. And Stanford continues to demonstrate their ability to provide what really counts in fine upholstered furniture–superb comfort and outstanding durability. Their line has grown dramatically from those first four sofas. Today Stanford makes sofas, chairs, sectionals and more in a broad choice of fabrics and leathers. They will custom size a piece and help you create anything you might desire. We invite you to visit their website and see for yourself..

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