Maria Yee

We are happy to represent Maria Yee in the New York area because it represents the perfect pairing of fine quality and good value. Maria Yee, Inc. is a U.S. company with an international reputation for handcrafted furniture. Featuring its proprietary BreathingJoinery™ technique and rapidly renewable BambooTimbre™, Maria Yee’s EcoLuxury™ furniture is the ingenious union of inventive materials, beautifully treated surfaces and innovative detailing.

Maria Yee is renowned for her California contemporary design. A sophisticated style that draws inspiration from the timeless classics, it is a confluence of ideas, places and cultures that culminate in the fusion of uncompromising craftsmanship with the precision of modern manufacturing.

Maria Yee was born in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. At 15, the Cultural Revolution sent her to work at a rock quarry. After her release, Maria apprenticed as a machinist and studied to become a mechanical engineer.

Witnessing the destruction of China’s historic treasures during the Cultural Revolution incited Maria’s passion to revitalize the art of traditional furniture making. She gathered a group of expert craftsmen and began handcrafting museum quality Ming Dynasty reproductions as a personal pursuit. Maria moved to California and founded her namesake company in 1988.

Maria Yee developed her BreathingJoinery™ system in order to revitalize the art of solid hardwood furniture joinery, where pieces are so precisely fitted together that nails and screws are not needed. Used by the Chinese for thousands of years, Maria’s challenge was to refine ancient joinery techniques to produce quality pieces in a modern manufacturing environment.

Maria Yee pioneered EcoLuxury – Luxury that’s ecologically responsible. They abide by the core belief that if we take from the earth, we should give back to the earth. Maria Yee Inc. is at the forefront of developing and using water-based finishes, EN717-1 compliant glues and vegetable-tanned leather. Many products use Forest Stewardship Council certified hardwood and bamboo (License code FSC-C016788).

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