Hancock & Moore

Hancock & Moore opened its doors in 1981 and we were there. Recognizing the quality of the product and knowing the background of its founders, we bought the line at its very first market. Since that time, Hancock & Moore has become America’s finest manufacturer of leather furniture and one of our largest suppliers. Along the way, they expanded their reach by purchasing Jessica Charles, Taylor King, Randall Allan and Councill. They now are one of the country’s largest manufacturers of high end furniture.

The Hancock & Moore line is known for meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional quality leathers, and a design sense that is just not found in other manufacturers. Coupled with these traits is an ability to produce almost anything their designers can think of.

It’s always interesting to see the looks on the faces of those customers who have been looking elsewhere and have been exposed to lesser quality products. As soon as they sit down, they comment on the difference in comfort from what they’ve seen before. The answer, of course, is the quality of what’s under the leather. Starting with the hardwood frames which they make themselves to the springing, the cushion fill, and the upholstering, Hancock & Moore furniture represents the highest standard to which fine upholstery can be made. All their products are available in a broad selection of leather as well as in fabric.

If you’d like to know more about how fine leather furniture is made and what differentiates their product from so many leather products you see all over. Be sure to check out their videos. You’ll quickly learn why a visit to our store to see Hancock & Moore products is so worthwhile.

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