Flat Rock

Rustic furniture made from the branches or twigs of trees has deep roots in American history (pun intended). Tree furniture was popular in England in the 18th Century and even earlier in China. Beginning in the 1840s, with the rise of the American landscape design ideas of Andrew Jackson Davis and the beginnings of the parks movement later on in the century (exemplified by the work of Frederick Law Olmsted), craftsmen began building furniture and buildings with tree parts. Resorts and summer homes in upstate New York and elsewhere began to be filled with rustic furniture, much of it made from Indiana hickory.

Flat Rock furniture is but the latest chapter in this tradition. Produced in both Indiana and Kentucky, Flat Rock reproduces some classic designs in steam bent Hickory while also pushing the genre with new designs that invoke mid-century design or incorporate the organic forms of Native American artifacts.

Flat Rock remains great product for summer and ski homes, but it also has its place in sun porches, great rooms, and kid’s bedrooms. They make their furniture with an eye toward fine design and great quality. Flat Rock furniture can be found in many commercial applications ranging from resort hotels to restaurants and casinos. Their use there attests to the quality of the product since commercial applications get heavy use. Flat Rock’s furniture works well both on its own and blends well with leather upholstery, mission furniture, or live edge tables.

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