Fine Furniture Design

Over the years, Bograds has always been concerned with providing our customers with furniture of both quality and value. There used to be a number of factories making furniture like that both here and abroad. Sadly, many of these have closed. Luckily, some companies remain. Fine Furniture Design (FFD) is a good example.

Started by Larry Moh in 2000, FFD has built a reputation for fine design and construction, sophisticated finishes and outstanding value. The company is run by Jim Adams, who has worked at a variety of companies over past 30 years including Thomasville, Hickory White, and Sherrill CTH. I visited their modern, one million square foot factory outside Shanghai in 2013. Having never visited an Asian factory before, I was impressed by the use of state of the art equipment, complemented by the skilled handwork of finishers, carvers, and upholsterers. Employing nearly 1500 workers, the factory is literally home to half of them who live in dormitories on the factory campus and dine in company cafeterias. The plant is as modern as any I have visited in the United States.

In styles ranging from transitional to traditional, FFD furniture has a place in everyone’s home and @Bograds.

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