Abner Henry

One of the great satisfactions in creating @Bograds has been finding new manufacturers to partner with and share with you. A great example is Abner Henry.

Abner Henry is an Amish owned company in Mount Hope, Ohio. It is located in Holmes County, home to the largest concentration of Amish in the United States. The company has a centralized factory that works in concert with some of the 440 furniture workshops in the county. Many are small shops of 1-5 people that produce components like turned legs, tabletops, doors, or chairs. Assembly, finishing, and custom work are largely done in the central factory. Most, if not all of these workshops are off-grid, meaning that they are run from diesel generators. The Abner Henry factory is energy efficient, using skylights and other energy saving techniques for light, heat, and to power machinery. It is a modern factory, run according to Japanese management principles.

Most Amish product is finely crafted, but tends to cookie-cutter designs and simple finishes. What makes Abner Henry different is their commitment to fine design and the sophistication of their finishes. The factory produces furniture in a number of woods including, Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Their capabilities are nearly limitless. Their designs range from Mission to Modern, from Rustic to Traditional.

At least half our business has been custom work. Whether adaptations of existing pieces or completely new designs, Abner Henry is capable of making you what you want. Abner Henry also has assembled a wonderful collection of live edge table tops that can be used to create dramatic dining tables, occasional tables, or other pieces of furniture. You can see their current inventory at www.ahupdates.com.

The factory is owned by Ernest and Barbara Hershberger. The Hershberger’s operate a variety of businesses within the community and are committed to the preservation of the Amish way of life. They engage the outside world to preserve what they have at home. They believe in a work/life balance that is truly admirable.

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